How should I glue expanded polystyrene to sand mold?

When fixing expanded polystyrene to sand mold, a little bit of preparation will get you far. You want the best possible bond, for desired results. We've run some numbers and we think you'll see the best results with TECBOND® 213-43. A very popular formulation among our user base, TECBOND® 213-43 is known for economical, general purpose adhesive. suitable for ceramics, rigid pvc and polystyrene.

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  • Reference: TECBOND® 213-43

  • Open Time: Long

  • Colour(s): Pale Amber

  • Chemistry: EVA

  • Heat Resistant To: 75 °C

  • Low Temp Flex: -20 °C

  • Viscosity: Medium

Economical, general purpose adhesive. Suitable for ceramics, rigid PVC and polystyrene.

43mm TECBOND® 213-43 Glue Slugs
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