How should I glue sand mold to expanded polystyrene?

When fixing sand mold to expanded polystyrene, a little bit of planning is neccessary. You want the best possible bond, for desired results. We've run the numbers and we think you'll get desired results with TECBOND® 213-43. A highly popular formulation among our customers, TECBOND® 213-43 is known for economical, general purpose adhesive. suitable for ceramics, rigid pvc and polystyrene.

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  • Reference: TECBOND® 213-43

  • Open Time: Long

  • Colour(s): Pale Amber

  • Chemistry: EVA

  • Heat Resistant To: 75 °C

  • Low Temp Flex: -20 °C

  • Viscosity: Medium

Economical, general purpose adhesive. Suitable for ceramics, rigid PVC and polystyrene.

43mm TECBOND® 213-43 Glue Slugs
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